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Predator ripped off Carl Weathers's arm, and now he's got a stew goin'.

Predator ripped off Carl Weathers’s arm, and now he’s got a stew goin’.

It’s March. I’m going to be honest. It’s never thrilled me that February was designated Women in Horror Month because, well, February is Black History Month. Turns out, black folks doing things and chicks doing things are both pretty important to me. And my Facebook friendslist is made up, primarily, of horror community people. So, every February, my feed gets a slight bump in look what horror chicks do posts (and I mean slight), and occasionally I’ll see a look what black folks did post. What I don’t see happening in March, though, is any sort of uptick in look what horror black folks are doing posts. I don’t know. I guess I just don’t see how it could hurt to move WIHM to March, to coincide with Women’s History Month and not compete with the information trying to get out there about Black History. Just seems like the right thing to do.

So, I decided, just now (I literally just decided this right now), to post here and share posts on Facebook about black folks in horror throughout March. It might be sporadic. It’s very likely going to be lifted from others better knowledgeable than I am about such things. See, kind of like the massive glut of straight, white, male-written fiction easily available, right at our fingertips, this applies to horror in general (and the world, in general). You really have to go out of your way to find this information and these people. Which is bullshit, but I guess this is why we have special months set aside, so we don’t all have strokes trying to find this stuff throughout the year. And, like I said, I just decided this now, so…it’s going to be sucky and really disorganized. But I think next year will be different.

I’m going to be the only one doing this, and that’s fine, but I’m not celebrating Women in Horror Month in February anymore. I hereby declare February, on this blog, on my Facebook feed, and in my head, Big Black Horror Month, to coincide with Black History Month. And in March, I will celebrate Women in Horror as well as Women in History. Because that makes logical sense.

In terms of working/struggling for equality, women, minorities, and gays (not to mention the poor) are too often at each others’ throat because there just doesn’t seem to be enough equality to go around. It’s like a competition to see who’s more oppressed, who is more brutalized, who is more stigmatized. The fact is, though, that there is an endless supply of equality once we stop looking at it as something doled out by the one(s) in power. Because it’s not. It’s the natural, normal, decent, humane state of things, and there is an endless supply that we insist on, that we simply take. But, that way of thinking is easier said than done when you have several hundred years of socialized and systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, and class discrimination to contend with. We’re all in the same damn boat.

The very least we can do for everyone is not exacerbate the problem and step on each others’ toes with what we’re trying to do for ourselves. So, yes, as far as I’m concerned, I, personally, just won’t do that anymore (and I won’t as far as I can be aware of it).

So, let me start educating myself and see what I can do for March (this year’s makeshift Big Black Horror Month), and I’ll be better prepared next year to start my new policy. Feel free to join me, or not. I’m not doing this to upset anyone or start an argument. I’m doing it so I can stop feeling like I’m doing the wrong thing (because, in my opinion, I am) and start doing what I feel is right.

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