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I just deleted a 1500-word rant/defense of my own assholery.

It wasn’t that I didn’t stand behind what I’d written; it just seemed so icky, because it’s just an icky topic. See, I felt that I do, perhaps, bust too much on the publishing scene and I don’t say enough nice things about it. I think it’s because the “scene” is so varied that it’s true that what you can rightfully and truthfully say about one aspect of it cannot be applied to another.

The fact is that, when I hear about agents being downright appalled that writers can’t be bothered to learn their precious, precious names before begging for their acknowledgment and approval, it’s practically impossible for me to not throw up all over myself. However, then there are presses like Nightscape, whom I’ve so recently signed up with to edit. Since gaining a little insight into their group, the comradery and genuine interest they (editors and writers) take in one another and one another’s work is refreshing. And Raw Dog Screaming Press, that came to my attention through a friend who published with them—talk about teamwork.

While it’s true that I have no use for the Big Six, nor do I have any use for small, pretentious literary presses (my professional experience with them, though educational, ate up a piece of my soul that I don’t think will ever grow back), I can’t help but still carry that nostalgic torch for the small press scene, and presses like those mentioned above make it easy.

...is the right way.

…is the right way.

I’m self-publishing because it feels right. I’m from Pittsburgh: Zombie Capital of the World (don’t argue) and home of Night of the Living Dead, the ultimate in internationally successful DIY horror. I gave up on perusing a career in special effects when CGI got big, basically because I just couldn’t get my hands dirty with that. I am genetically pre-disposed and environmentally conditioned to do the work, to be up to my elbows in it. I need to do it this way. That said, I do love the small presses. I love that scene and I respect and enjoy the company of the people in it. I’m happy to be able to work with Nightscape for the opportunity to play within that scene, even though it’s not where I’m taking my writing (at the moment).

So, when I fall all over myself to point and laugh and scourge the sorts of stupid people and events happening in the publishing industry at large, please don’t mistake that for a foaming disdain of publishing in general. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I love publishing; I’m just very picky about the areas I love. And if you’re going to pick one or the other (traditional publishing or self publishing), Chuck Wendig said it best here in 2010.

And come on, this is just superior to this (seriously, were those bits of clothing flinging off and he flew through the air?). Let’s all thank The Howling III for this, though.

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