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This is my favorite of the fest's posters, mainly for the, "Blam!" and the "Damn!"

This is my favorite of the fest’s posters, mainly for the, “Blam!” and the “Damn!”

Although there is never a lack of things to do here on the ol’ homestead, the end of filling the garden beds is in sight. I am expecting to have the soil in place, composted, and the plants seeded and/or transplanted by May 14th. We’re supposed to get rain for the next few days, that might keep me desk-bound for at least the duration.

It’s been good to be outside and doing some heavy work, as it’s kept me busy while I await the response from my beta-readers. Once I can settle back into a less manual labor-intensive routine, I do plan on sitting down with Stevenson’s The Amateur Emigrant to begin drafting the second novel in this series. I’m itching to get writing again.

So, April saw the release of Postscripts to Darkness, Vol. 3, with my story, The Obstruction. May saw an acceptance of my story, The Second Battle of Gettysburg, in Roms, Bombs, and Zoms, which looks like fun. I’m slated to be reading at the 6th Annual Alexander Berkman Music & Labor Festival on July 23rd (details forthcoming), which I’m very excited about. I need something for June. Hmmm…any ideas?

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poster 3 pstd draft

I’m happy to say that I’ve got a story in this volume of PstD (Vo. 3), but am unfortunately unable to attend any of the launch parties. If you can, dear reader, please go in my stead and report back here with all the fun and gory details.

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