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*cramp, cramp*

Funny, for whatever reason, I was contemplating RLS’s handwriting the other day. I don’t recall the context—I must have been reading something. Perhaps it was some consideration on how, since the age of the typewriter, we’ve increasingly become isolated from having to hand write anything. Seriously, as an adult, how often have you had to write anything out by hand?

*scribble, scribble*

*scribble, scribble*

Something must have reminded me of some of Stevenson’s correspondence, in which he’d sometimes complain (understandably so) that he’d been writing and writing and writing, but one can only write so much without cramping up. When I read that, it occurred to me that I hadn’t truly been processing his…er…process (well, his and everyone else of his era). Obviously, I knew he was writing out his manuscripts by hand, but the consequence of that hadn’t really sunk in. Later, at Vailima, of course he enlisted the help of Fanny’s daughter, Belle, to write while he dictated.

Anyway, here’s a nifty treatise on the handwriting of Robert Louis Stevenson. Enjoy, and ta-ta ’til Wednesday, when I will have new words for you.

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