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Highgate Cemetery, West. 2008.

Highgate Cemetery, West. 2008.

There wasn’t a huge response to the giveaway, which I suppose isn’t a huge surprise—as I type, even at 6:30am, the birds are singing. They’re so ready for spring. Ready for sunshine and warm breezes, for the smell of cut grass and, of course, allergies. And aren’t we all?! I am; even for the allergies, which are already starting to weasel their stinging way into my sinuses.

That said, perhaps everyone was too distracted by the upcoming season of rebirth to think too, too deeply on graveyard poetry. That’s okay. Those who did—all of those who did—get a free spooky chapbook. That’s right, everyone who entered gets one. And why not? Spring is almost upon us and that makes me feel very happy and giving.

So! James, Crow, Marla, Matt, Tiffany, and yes, even you, Mr. Gabriel Late—send your mailing addresses over the weekend to KLEveritt@hotmail.com with CHAPBOOK in the subject line, and I’ll do my best to have them in the post by Monday!

Thanks for playing, and I do hope you enjoy them. The words within…top notch stuff. Pictures are too shabby either, if I do say so myself.

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