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Evil Girlfriend Media‘s anthology, Roms, Bombs, & Zoms launches in e-book format today; print version forthcoming (will let you know when that happens). If you’ve got a reader, you can purchase it here for a mere $3.99! For updates, info, video readings, etc., go ‘like’ the Facebook page. The anth features my short story, “The Second Battle of Gettysburg.” Here’s a taste:

All day, with each group, Caleb watched the men work. Some were Confederate prisoners not yet shipped off, others were Yankee deserters, now considered no better than the Rebs. There were a handful of negroes as well—the only men getting paid for this repulsive and back-breaking work. Some groups would dig while others hauled bodies to the area of burial. Caleb watched one man double over and vomit after an entire sleeve of skin from a dead arm came off in his hand. By afternoon they were primarily using hooks to snag and carry them. Now, as the sky changed gradually by turns from blue to pink and eventually to orange, the men moved slowly, faces haggard and arms, when not digging or hauling bodies, hanging limp at their sides.

Suddenly one of the women from his tour group screamed and the man with her cried out, “This man’s alive!”

Other men ran over to where they stood—over to what, to Caleb, looked like just another Rebel corpse. And then he heard, coming from over the field, from John Forney’s barn, such a racket of screaming and calling out for someone to save them, for God’ sake, save them. The boy strained to see as far as the source and noted a man running as best he could away from the barn, with another following. The soldier in front had only one arm, and Caleb wondered if it was the man he’d talked to the day before. His remaining arm on the right flailed wildly, trying desperately to find the balance that two arms gave, but he fell to the ground hard, and that’s when Caleb realized the man behind him was not merely following—he was in pursuit. Another woman screamed, but the boy paid no notice, figuring it was nothing more than the field of dead they stood in, as he watched the pursuing second man fall upon the one-armed man. His head went down and then came back up violently, blood spraying into the air. It was some distance and Caleb couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like a fox he’d once seen out on Lightner’s farm, tearing up the coop. The one-armed man screamed and screamed before falling abruptly into a deathly silence.

Now don’t you want to read the rest? I think you do. Plus, a big bunch of other awesome tales by a big bunch of other awesome writers.

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We’re about to wrap up October here in a little bit, and that means Evil Girlfriend Media‘s anthology Roms, Bombs, and Zoms will be launching. November 1st, kiddies. Think about getting your hands on it so you can read my story, The Second Battle of Gettysburg.


Also happy to announce that Global Interdisciplinary Research Studies‘ journal, Monsters and the Monstrous, has accepted an excerpt of my novel, (tentatively titled) Of Wolves and Donkeys: RLS’s Untold Journey Through the Cevennes. From their home page:

Monsters and the Monstrous is a biannual peer reviewed global journal that serves to explore the broad concept of “The Monster” and “The Monstrous” from a multifaceted inter-disciplinary perspective. The journal publishes work that seeks to investigate and assess the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history. In particular, the journal will have a dual focus with the intention of examining specific ‘monsters’ as well as evaluating the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’. The history and contemporary cultural influences of monsters and monstrous metaphors will also be examined.

This is very cool for a number of reasons. The first is the obvious–publishing is always a treat. But I have a special place in my heart for the M & M journal, as it is the journal that stems from the interdisciplinary conference by the same name. As a sophomore during my undergrad, I actually gave a paper at their 6th Global Conference at Oxford, under my maiden name, Meadows. That feels like an awfully long time ago, so it’s pretty neat to have a piece get into the journal all these years later. If you’d like a few samples from the novel, head on over to my Goodreads author page; I’ve got a few excerpts up.

Despumation Press Logo

In terms of Despumation Press, I’ve decided (because it’s still early enough to do so) to change from book publishing to journal publishing. Although I’ve got experience with both (or maybe because I do), a literary journal is really what I need to be doing. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll expand into books, but I’m happy and excited to put out what I hope will be a quarterly journal. I’m expecting pieces from a handful of authors whose work I’ve always admired and I expect the first issue to be rather nifty. That’s right…nifty. It’s a perfectly metal term. Okay, it’s not, but…whatever. \m/\m/ If you’re a writer and you’re reading this, please swing on by our submissions page and see if it’s something you’d like to try. In the meantime, I’m anticipating a series of ecstatic story/essay acceptance announcements in the coming weeks and months.

Otherwise, I’ve recently finished a marathon manuscript editing phase (not my work, the work of others), then took a break to take care of some things here at home that required a little time and effort (hey, I even had a birthday–hello, 39!), but today is a Me Day. I have pumpkins to carve (it’s not too late!) and some Halloweeny activities to indulge in this evening. Tomorrow, it’s back to work–on my own manuscript. And then, I don’t know, I’m toying around with maybe taking on NaNoWriMo this year. I kind of forgot about it, but I might have something rolling around up in the ol’ noggin’ that I can vomit out over the course of the next month. We’ll see…how about you? NaNoWriMo for you?

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If you haven’t yet, please head on over the Evil Girlfriend Media‘s Roms, Bombs, and Zoms anthology Facebook page and ‘like’ it! My story, The Second Battle of Gettysburg, will be in it!


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This is my favorite of the fest's posters, mainly for the, "Blam!" and the "Damn!"

This is my favorite of the fest’s posters, mainly for the, “Blam!” and the “Damn!”

Although there is never a lack of things to do here on the ol’ homestead, the end of filling the garden beds is in sight. I am expecting to have the soil in place, composted, and the plants seeded and/or transplanted by May 14th. We’re supposed to get rain for the next few days, that might keep me desk-bound for at least the duration.

It’s been good to be outside and doing some heavy work, as it’s kept me busy while I await the response from my beta-readers. Once I can settle back into a less manual labor-intensive routine, I do plan on sitting down with Stevenson’s The Amateur Emigrant to begin drafting the second novel in this series. I’m itching to get writing again.

So, April saw the release of Postscripts to Darkness, Vol. 3, with my story, The Obstruction. May saw an acceptance of my story, The Second Battle of Gettysburg, in Roms, Bombs, and Zoms, which looks like fun. I’m slated to be reading at the 6th Annual Alexander Berkman Music & Labor Festival on July 23rd (details forthcoming), which I’m very excited about. I need something for June. Hmmm…any ideas?

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