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This is Gudie (Gudrun). She did not help me in any way with setting up an email list.

What can I say?

So, because I’m so bad at this, for now, I’m thinking I should probably put most of my effort into putting together an informational and, at least, somewhat entertaining newsletter, and maybe blog once a week or so, depending on my workload.

I have been super busy lately–looking into setting up an LLC, learning about Amazon algorithms, figuring out story/book covers, etc. Lots to do. But I do need to keep in mind that…I need to build up my email list.

Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons, but primarily, I don’t see the point in bombarding a bunch of people who don’t really care about my writing/publishing output (or the Spook Brothers, or my fitness routine, or my mental health, or Nellie Oleson, etc.). I figure, if you’ve actually actively signed up for it, you must want to know about these things. And, when it comes to getting stuff in your email, it’s better that we’re both happy with the arrangement. I really don’t want to spam folks who have enough crap in their inboxes.

Also, if folks like what I’m putting out, I assume they’d want to know when I’ve got something new–and this is really the best, most direct way to do that. Plus, I can do stuff like let these special folks know before I tell anyone else, or give discounts, or any ol’ thing like that. Which I really like the idea of.

So, how about it? Oh, this post is also me still learning how to use Mailchimp, so, I hope…I hope…while you’ve been here reading this, you’ve experienced a pop-up begging you shamelessly to sign up for my newsletter. Sorry about that, but, man…gotta start somewhere. If you were like, nahhhh, but now you’re like, well, maybe...here’s a link. See what I did there? The week before last, I figured out (after an embarrassingly long time) how to put a pop-up here on my blog. Today, I hope I’ve figured out the link thing. Progress! I’m pretty proud, because, really…(I am a technological idiot).

Seriously, if you’ve signed up, thank you. Even seeing just a few added folks here and there is a boost–makes me feel like I’m getting something right, which makes me want to continue moving forward. So, yes, thank you very much. I will try not to disappoint.

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What the hell did I just do?

I have no idea what I’m doing. I am attempting to do two things. One, learn how to use and write in Scrivener. I’ve heard so many great things about it. It sounds wonderful. It’s probably really easy to use. But, I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to anything more complicated than your basic email. Okay, I’m a little better than that, but, geez, it’s painful. It takes me forever to get a handle on something. So, this is me entering in what I’ve got written so far for the second Stevenson book, and kind of/sort of using the synopsis cards and comments and whatnot, so I can look at and really verify the rest of my outline works. This I usually do with a pencil and paper, which works fine. But a pencil and paper doesn’t, in the end, give you a supposedly easily-compiled MS to simply turn into whatever e-publishing file you need for whatever platform you want. That was the real selling point for me. Using Scrivener, right now, is less about the writing and more about the end result once it’s ready to go out into the world. I guess I’m hoping it’ll be good for the writing, too. If I can figure out how it works, as I work it. (Yes, I went through the tutorial. My brain, though, is like a sieve.)

The second thing I’m trying to do is set things up in order to build an email list of potential readers, so I can, well, let them know I have stuff for them to read. I just spent a half-hour trying to figure out MailChimp and how to get that going on my WordPress site. I have failed. And I am not a fraction of an inch closer to having any idea as to how to do anything in terms of that particular goal. *sigh* These are the days I really wish I could conceptualize this kind of stuff, you know, easily, in my head, like some folks seem to be able to do. For me, it’s a huge effort that requires going over and over and over something until it eventually clicks in some small way, and then following that way, painstakingly slowly, until I get to the end. It’s like reading instructions in another language I have just a rudimentary understanding of. If you want an idea as to how hard it was for me to earn that goddamn MFA, just imagine what I just described spread over six years, 24-7. No wonder my thyroid exploded.

I’ll get it, though. Goddamn it.

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